Building Homes of Timeless Beauty, Enduring Quality and Year-Round Comfort

Building log and hybrid log homes for over two decades, we know one thing to be true, no two projects are ever the same… nor should they be. At Shircliff Construction our years of specialized log-home experience has enabled us to accumulate construction solutions that aid in true customization without compromise. Whether you seek our input right from the get-go, starting with the design phase, or connect with us to step in when construction actually gets underway, you can be assured that our level of dedication and craftsmanship will be the same.

Log Home Construction

Long lasting, fitting to their lakes-and-woods settings, warm to the touch, and high-tech capable, the benefits and allure of log homes just continues to grow. Blending modern conveniences with the classic appeal of log timbers is a delicate process that we truly enjoy.

Log home construction requires special knowledge, care and consideration; all of which Shircliff Construction has mastered and become accustomed to. Visit our Gallery to see examples of the log homes we've built throughout the years.

Hybrid or Rustic Hybrid Construction

"What do you get when you combine logs, stucco and concrete with conventional stick frame building? An entirely practical, livable and attractive home…"* The owners of Shircliff Construction refer to these structures as hybrid homes.

Specializing in custom log and hybrid homes, we have found our niche in the industry. We enjoy every ounce of time and energy we put into creating one-of-a-kind, hybrid homes. They're unique. They're beautiful. And they utilize the best mix of processes, materials, and design elements available within all of the construction methods.

From soaring log ceilings with ICF walls, to spiral staircases and stucco and stone exteriors, the professionals at Shircliff Construction can combine design styles and different building features to craft beautiful custom homes. From a high quality, standard house to a custom, ultimate one-of-a-kind home — we can do it all. Whatever design or structural characteristics you want, we can integrate them in.

Don, our company owner, is on the jobsite 80-90% of the time to ensure things are moving on schedule and completed at the highest standards. Contact us to discuss your ideas and to let the customization begin.

*Quotations extracted from "Lake and Home Magazine", Feb/Mar 2008 issue, article: Soaring Imagination written by Jean Paschke.