Customizing Your Dreams… Building New Homes

At Shircliff Construction we don't just stick to one method of building; we have extensive knowledge in all construction types. From general stick-frame construction to extensive remodels to insulated concrete forms (ICF construction), we have produced beautiful, energy efficient homes utilizing all of these methods and more.

In today's world the push for green building and energy efficiency is stronger than ever. The majority of the products we've been using for years are considered "green" but that doesn't mean we don't have room for improvement. Continually striving to stay up-to-date, our team at Shircliff Construction can build as green or energy efficient as you want us to. Beyond that, we are able to pull from over two decades of construction experience, allowing us to foresee and/or quickly correct any issues that may arise.

When you work with Shircliff Construction you will receive:

  • Professional Craftsmanship
  • Timeliness – Completed Jobs on Schedule
  • A Budget-Minded Crew – Work Stays Within Budget
  • Top-Quality Building Materials  d Long-Lasting as well as Energy Efficient Products
  • A Responsible Construction Company – Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Insight – Product Selection Assistance & Professional Opinions

Stick-Frame or Frame Construction

This type of building method is the most common. Frame Construction is what many of us are used to seeing and the method most people refer to when they think of building a new home.

Frame Construction refers to just that, framing; it involves studs, ceiling joists, rafters and other wood components to form a home. But being the norm doesn't mean it has to be basic. At Shircliff Construction we make sure to take all of our home builds to the next level. So even if you opt to build using the traditional stick-frame method, we can work with you to add unique design features that will truly make your home customized to you.

ICF Construction

Insulated Concrete Forms or ICFs are becoming an increasingly popular home building method. Homes and structures utilizing ICF construction consist of cast-in-place, reinforced concrete walls. The "form" part of the structural name comes from the interlocking molded units that are initially stacked to form the walls of the building. These forms lock together, similar to Legos. The empty cavities of the forms are then pumped full of concrete and usually reinforced with rebar. The benefits of ICF construction are plentiful, and include:

  • Enhanced Thermal Performance due to Minimal or No Air Leaks
  • Increased Noise Reduction (Both Interior & Exterior Noise)
  • Improved Fire Resistance
  • Superior Structural Integrity
  • Increased Re-Sale Value
  • Resistant to Moisture & Mold

Along with the above benefits, just like with any building method, ICF construction can be 100% customized and used for building structures of all sizes. At Shircliff Construction we've been building ICF homes for over a decade. We understand the ins and outs, and we encourage you to contact us with your ICF construction questions.

Home Remodeling & Light Commercial Work

At Shircliff Construction we operate as a general construction contractor, meaning we can tackle anything when it comes to home building. This includes remodeling. We understand that not all "home building" means "building new," sometimes it means adding an addition and other times it means renovating an existing home. Whichever form of "home building" you're planning, we can be there from start-to-finish, leaving you with a "new to you" home or a masterfully integrated addition. Contact us today to learn more about our remodeling services.

When it comes to going from residential to commercial, we can switch gears pretty easily. At Shircliff Construction our light commercial work commonly entails exterior facelifts, with churches being a notable segment of our commercial clientele.